Training Courses

I have almost 30 years’ experience of training in drugs, HIV and sex and relationships education, counselling skills and group work methods with a wide range of professionals who work with young people especially drug and health workers, teachers and lecturers, youth and community workers, social and criminal justice workers and counsellors as well as educational work with young people themselves and parents/carers.

I have run training courses for LEAs, individual schools and colleges, Youth Services, Drug Projects, Health Promotion Units and PCTs, Local Authority Social Services, Probation and YOTs, Police Authorities, Drug and Alcohol Action Teams (DAATs), voluntary organisations and national organisations such as DrugScope, Lifeline and HIT. I have also worked for central Government Education and Health Departments and run training courses and lectured all over the UK and in other countries, including America, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania and Spain.

I am currently offering the following training courses:

  1. New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)
    This training is offered as a one day or two day course.
    Day 1 – Awareness
    • Definition of NPS, different types and names, prevalence and patterns of use, demand and supply.
    • The history of NPS and how we got to this point.
    • Attitudes towards NPS use.
    • The effects and dangers of different NPS, including synthetic cannabinoids, stimulants, empathogens and psychedelics.
    • The legal situation and the new Psychoactive Substances Bill.
    • Strategies to reduce harm and help keep NPS users safe.

    Day 2 – Working with NPS users
    • Effective strategies to engage, support and educate NPS users.
    • Identifying and developing the skills needed to engage and support NPS users.
    • Individual workers recognise skills they already possess, and those they may need to develop, to work effectively with NPS users.
    • What services can do to improve the way they attract, engage with and support NPS users.

  2. People, not just drugs
    A foundation course with a difference focussing on understanding why people use drugs in the ways they do, the various consequences and ways of supporting people who experience drug problems.
  3. How to run effective groups
    Running groups is a cost effective and positive way of working with clients. This course gives lots of practical tips about how to go about it.
  4. Participatory methods to use in group and one-to-one work
    This course focuses on practical strategies to engage and motivate clients and gives attendees an opportunity to learn about a wide range of participatory methods
  5. How to effectively engage young drug users
    This course focuses on how to overcome the barriers that prevent young people from accessing services, ways of engaging and motivating them and the skills that staff need to do this.
  6. Practical strategies for working with young cannabis users – 2 days
    This course considers the benefits and risks of cannabis use – including mental health issues – and practical ways of engaging young users and motivating them to make positive changes in their lives.
  7. Supporting parents/carers of young drug users                                           Many parents/carers of young drug users are at a loss about what they can do. This course addresses the issues that parents/carers face and practical ways of supporting them.

All of my courses use active training methods that tap into participant’s existing knowledge, attitudes and experiences, and benefit from my many years of working in the drugs field with clients and fellow professionals. They are not ‘death by Powerpoint’ and encourage participants to think critically and to develop their own skills and confidence to be effective in their work.

I also design training courses to meet the specific needs of particular organisations.

For details of my training courses and my charges please contact me.